Invitation for a first Berlin- and Brandenburg wide preparation and network meeting at the 9th of February for a „stop deportation camp“ in Eisenhüttenstadt in August/September 2014

Invitation for a first Berlin- and Brandenburg wide preparation and network meeting at the 9th of February for a „stop deportation camp“ in isenhüttenstadt in August/September 2014.

We hereby invite all groups and individual persons to a first common preparation and network meeting in order to plan a large-scaled „stop deportation camp“ in August or September in Eisenhüttenstadt. Everybody is welcome to forward this mail to other groups and individuals.

The experience regarding the actions from last year’s summer which took place as an answer to the hunger strike in the deportation jail, the racists judgements at the
district court, the prevented deportation of one refugee and the suicide of Djamaa Isu in the camp of Eisenhüttenstadt has shown something for sure: the politically
responsible people are attackable, direct and practical solidarity and support
is possible and also still necessary, especially in Eisenhüttenstadt.

During the events last summer a support-network has been created. Together with other organisations and individuals, it intensified the support work, in particular for the imprisoned refugees in the deportation prison. Moreover, the network still exposes the constant abuse of asylum rights by the collaboration of federal police, local court,
BAMF, Ausländerbehörde and the security company BOSS. These actors of the deportation machinery created a grey area where control and transparency of what is happening are not existing at all. On that account, one important demand still is the closing of deportation prisons, in Eisenhüttenstadt as well as elsewhere.

Therefore this year in August or September we want to organize a large-scale „stop deportation camp“. It should take place for several days in front of the gates
of the ZAST and the deportation prison. In our imagination this camp could be a
place for direct and practical support work against the anti-refugee machinery of repression which is conceived and carried out by the ruling responsibles.

We are working together closely with people living in the lager and we put the main focus on the empowerment of their self-organized protest. Furthermore we want to use the opportunity to create and intensify networks in the fight against the German and European policy of deterrence and isolation, also beyond the German-speaking area. It hopefully will be indeed a space for even European wide networking. Also the creation of local reference points could be possible, may it be for interested youth, civil society or residents in solidarity. Another important „point of action“ apart from possibilities in Eisenhüttenstadt could be the nearby Frankfurt/Oder. These are just some thoughts and imaginations
of what could be possible in relation to such a kind of camp.

We consciously want to place the focus on an assumed remote provincial town like Eisenhüttenstadt. It is here, where the „Fortress Europe“ is visible and put into practice and it is essential to boycott at place the racist daily business and to open perspectives for a liberated society! (We demand to close all deportation prisons)

We want to discuss and pursue our ideas with preferably a lot of interested groups and individuals.  As a then preferably broadly organized preparation network we would be able to plan and to realize such an „actioncamp“. We are inviting people from Berlin and Brandenburg for the first open preparation meeting, but you are very welcome to mobilize further.

The meeting takes place in Berlin on Sunday the 9th of February at 2 pm. The place will be published soon on our Blog.

If you can’t attend, but want to have further information, you can contact us under: /

Detailed Informations about the events past summer, an updated press review and a chronicle of the „Eisenhüttenstadt Conditions“ are available under:

Solidary and combative greetings and hopefully till the 9th of february!

The preparation team „stop deportation camp 2014 in Eisenhüttenstadt“

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